Webinar on digital currencies – 2021-04-21

The Board of ACI Sweden is happy to invite all ACI members to a webinar on Bitcoin, other digital currencies and blockchain technology.

Since we cannot meet physically, ACI needs to find new ways of adding value to our members. Education is one of our core values and we therefore wanted to try out this setup. We have chosen a very relevant and hopefully interesting topic for most of you. Bitcoin and other digital assets are rallying, central banks are looking at digital currencies but regulators along with many others are skeptical. But what is the current landscape and what will happen next? We decided to get a non-bank perspective and have managed to get Sofie Blakstad, CEO of hiveonline, as a speaker. She is truly an expert in the field and will definitely enlighten us who are not.

ACI will also give a short presentation on the different courses we provide in our Education program.



17.00 Introduction and presentation of the ACI Education program

17.15 Presentation by Sofie Blakstad covering:

  • Digital currencies landscape – what is a digital currency, different flavours from Telco mobile money to CBDCs, cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, etc.
  • Blockchain 101
  • Capital markets implications – real time settlement, impact on money supply, traceability, tokenised securities, cross border, implications for green and impact bonds and FDI, particularly in developing economies
  • Privately issued currencies – banks, Fintechs, Facebook Diem, Amazon, etc and community currencies – different models
  • Different CBDC structures (account vs token, levels of privacy, tradeoffs for utility, second level anonymity, etc) and implications e.g. implementing monetary and fiscal policy
  • Retail CBDCs, Stablecoins – macroeconomic implications, reserve currency status, overview of current progress
  • ESG considerations

18.00 Q&A where you can ask and discuss all your questions

18.15 End

You are very welcome to accept your personal Teams invitation,

The Board of ACI Sweden


CV Sofie Blakstad

Sofie is CEO of hiveonline, the blockchain based community finance platform rolling out to unbanked communities across sub-Saharan Africa and Central America.  Prior to founding hiveonline, Sofie spent nearly 30 years building and transforming technology and businesses for international banks, including building UBS’s first online wealth manager and leading Citigroup’s business transformation for EMEA.  Sofie is the author of ”Fintech Revolution: Universal Inclusion in the New Financial Ecosystem” and research papers including ”Blockchain: Gateway for Sustainability-Linked Bonds”, ”The Next Generation Humanitarian Distributed Platform” and policy papers on the economic impacts of emerging technology and CBDCs.  She advises the UN, Central Banks, Commercial Banks and NGOs on applications of distributed ledger technology and digital assets, and chairs the Edinburgh Futures Institute’s Finance and Fintech Industry Advisory Panel.

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